Sometimes you come across being a new user on a Smartphone, and other times you have gone over from a different phone type to an iPhone. Well look no further because this is a brief tutorial that will outline the steps on how to successfully download the Paid 2 Save Application to your phone.

Step 1: 

The first step is to locate the App Store on your mobile device as shown in the image below.

Go ahead and click on the application and allow to open.


 Step 1 App Download

 Step 2: 

This is the page you should be viewing when the App Store has opened (icons and images will vary). On the bottom you are going to want to locate the “Search” icon and click on that.


 Step 2 App Download

Step 3: 

When the Search bar opens up you are going to want to click on it and begin to type in the words “Paid 2 Save”. Click “Search” at the bottom of your keyboard once that has been done.


Step 3 App Download

Step 4:

When the search results yield locate our Paid 2 Save logo and click on the box on the right.

Open app


Step 5:

The messages will vary and may say “Download” or even an icon of a cloud may appear. Go ahead and click on it. The App will prompt you for your iTunes account password. Please enter accordingly and select okay. When it begins downloading it will alert you.


Step 6:

After the App has downloaded locate it on your home screen/menu and click to open it.


 Step 6 App Download

Step 7: 

This is how you will know the App is opening (We are almost done!).

Get Started

Step 8:

Once the App has opened you will either have the option to Log In or Sign up to create an Account.

Login or register

Step 9:

Once you see this screen appear. Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded and registered on our Paid 2 Save app! Happy savings!Product


If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact your next available Sponsor, or our Customer Support Team.

Paulina From Paid 2 Save

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